Hi Doc! I am very much depressed with my acne scar! I have tried scanning and lots of products but it did not improve much! Can u suggest me solutn?

See a dermatologist. if you have postinflammatory hyperpigmentation, and you have darker skin pigment, this may be more noticeable. So you need to go very carefully and being able to reverse this. Time is on your hand, however you may need other interventions or lotions that may require a prescription. You need to speak with a dermatologist first. Do not try to self treat this, or it may darken further. .
Make sure. ur acne is not reoccurring. if no new lesions and if u only have 1 scar u may get it removed surgically or by dermabrasion if u r a model. no product will work except waisting ur money. if u wait it may fade away in a few years.