I'm having a hard time urinating... I sit there forever and release a little but at a time...Why is that?

Infection, inflamed. This can be due to multiple causes. Obviously infection has to be ruled out or urinary retention. Assuming no problems, a lot of times it is a noninfectious process that has symptoms of an infection but is only inflammation. The symptoms can be treated by increasing water intake and avoiding certain foods/liquids such as alcohol and spicy foods. Otc analgesics may help with the discomfort as well.
Need more history. I.E sex, age, other symptoms & previous medical history. Could be a uti, obstruction or neurologic. If mauure female ?Cystocele or uterine prolapse. Prostatic enlargement or urethral stricture if male. Bladder stone, diabetes bladder or a urethral diverticulum are conditions which affect both sexes.
Man or Woman. An enlarged prostate could be obstructing the flow of urine. Take a look at the picture to the left. Your doctor may have to perform a digital rectal exam (rite of passage for those older than 40!). He or she may also perform a blood test (psa). An enlarged prostate is only one possible cause of your problem. Talk it over with your doctor. P.S., sorry if you have an xx chromosome.