I was told I have a sprained ankle I think it is fractured the swelling is gettin bad and bruising?

Get an X-ray . it would be the only way to tell for sure. In the meantime, elevation, rest, ice and compression. Good luck.
X-ray? the simplest way to be sure you do not have a fractured ankle is with an X-ray. You paint a good picture for a fractured ankle so don't delay.
Hear Say. This whole discussion depends on just who told you your ankle was sprained. If the mailman told you this then I would be concerned. If on the other hand , a qualified expert told you this after a hands on exam then I would follow his advice. If neither happened, then you need to elevate, immobilize, ice and get a professional examination and opinion as soon as possible.
X-ray, MRI, Ortho . You should see an orthopedic surgeon. You may need x-rays or MRI of your ankle in order to make a definitive diagnosis. Severe ankle sprains may require immobilization in a cast or boot for 2 to 3 weeks to allow for ligament healing. Rarely, severe ligament injuries around the ankle require surgical stabilization if the ankle joint becomes unstable.
Are. You following the instructions to keep it elevated, rest and splint. If the physician that evaluated you.
Get a second. Opinion ! If you are not getting better or you have concerns see if you can go to a different clinic.

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