Male 30, osteoporosis. T- score at left femur neck is -2.5 with BMD at 0.747 g/cm2. Can it be cured? On cal, vit d3 and Ibandronic acid medication.

Wow. that is quite unusually bad. Congenital bone problems (familial ricketts) or liver or kidney disease, abnormality of minerals abnormal hormones (hyperparathyroidism) or other secondary cause would be reasonable to look into. In which case, yes, could be cured.
Very complicated iss. -ue. It's takes a complicated history and imaging 2 get on the proper Meds.B sure U C a specialist in this field. A cure is not in the care but improvement is. All osteoporosis meds have significant side effects. B sure 2 listen 2 Ur MD! Follow all directions carefully. Good Luck!