Hi can a small sliding hiatal hernia get bigger and worse with time? Anything to avoid for it not to get bigger? No heartburn, GERD anything yet. Help

Lot's of people... ...have hiatal hernias, whether detected by x-ray or endoscopy. Most are sliding type & appear intermittently, requiring no intervention especially when small. Pls call your doctor & ask him/her your question to get a most accurate response re: hernia size as well its reducibility. Some hiatal hernias, like large paraesophageal ones, carry potentially great concern, but yours is symptom-free.
Don't worry. There's nothing to do to prevent it from getting larger. Odds are it will not get large enough to cause problems. If it eventually gets large enough to be called a paraesophageal hernia, you may have it repaired surgically. If it is going to happen, probably won't be for another 20-30 years. Hope this helps!