What good for sinus over counter medicine?

Sinus Over Counter. Anything that lessens congestion is helpful in treating sinusitis. The main problem with sinusitis is inflammation of the nasal and sinus membranes, leading to swelling, which leads to blockage of the openings of the sinuses. Oral decongestants, topical decongestant sprays, and saline flushes are all helpful. Most episodes of sinusitis follow a viral infection or an allergy flare.
Med for cold&sinus. Oral decongestants are recommended for nasal and sinus congestion. By mouth, nyquil day/night, sudafed etc. Nasal sprays like afrin or neosynephrine should be used cautiously for less than three days to avoid damage to the nasal lining. Thick mucous (nasal discharge) is best treated with Mucinex (guaifenesin) or Robitussin to make the mucous more watery. Nasal saline irrigation or sprays can also provide relief.