What's a natural remedy to battling moderate anxiety, as a single mom working full time and raising a two year old? My PCP had prescribed lorazepam. 5mg as needed and that makes me feel severely fatigued and not myself, so I try to avoid using that.

In addition to or. as an alternative, consider practicing the Relaxation Response,from a book by Herbert Benson. See this website http://www.relaxationresponse.org/ Peace and good health.
Psychotherapy. I see you have a very busy and stressful life, but making some time for psychotherapy could be the best medicine you could take. Work with a cognitive behavioral therapist and learn some relaxation techniques to help you reduce anxiety and cope with it when it arises better. If you can't make appointments in person consider healthTap concierge and "meet" from home when your 2 year old is asleep!
Anxiety Disorder. Treatment options depend on careful assessment of the patient's goals and level of pathology. Outcome is determined by several factors, including severity of diagnosis, level of functioning prior to onset of symptoms, motivation for treatment, level of support (eg, family, friends, work, school) and ability to comply with medication and psychotherapeutic regimens. A clinical psychologist will help.
Natural hmm. Studies have shown that Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Acupuncture, and exercise can help. I personally recommend Yoga and or other forms of meditation. A daily walk in nature might help. However sometimes Moderate Anxiety needs to treated with daily medications to stabilize the Neurobiology.