Oxygen was 89 and under for 3 min total out of 7 hrs lowest being 83% highest 99% during home oxygen study is this bad? Want me on oxygen at night.

More info. Was this a sleep study? The low oxygen levels are of some concern but relatively infrequent. If related to sleep apnea the treatment may help but may not involve supplemental oxygen. Need more info as to possible cause of low saturations at times.
R/O OSA/HYPOXIA. OSA can be suggested by history and physical. Excess snoring/daytime sleepiness/apneic episodes/ aM headaches. And the Exam obesity/small oral airway/collar size>18. The definitive test is a PSG with split night/CPAP titration. I would request copy of sleep study and get a second opinion if you are not satisfied with the options. You are young CPAP can be difficult to tolerate. ENT FOR UPP EVAL.