I'm 34 F have pain &tingling in left back knee, calf, hamstring & back (No swelling/redness) Numbness on heel & last 2fingers in arm. Have mild scolios?

Radiculopathy . An irritation of a nerve in the back can potentially cause pain and/or numbness that runs from the back down the leg into the foot. An mri may be helpful to look for an area of nerve impingement in the lumbar area. The nerves in the arm exit the spine above the low back and so not likely related although theoretically impingement in the neck can affect the arm and leg. Don’t hesitate to be seen.
Too much. In all those anatomic distributions, I don't believe there is any one single diagnosis that can be invoked as an explanation. I'm afraid you have numerous areas of rheumatism and arthritis - I don't think your mild scoliosis is a factor here.

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First tingling hands&feet about a week (now only here and there)than dry flacky skin including face (up arm/leg to)month later numbness now 2 days, small red painless spot under skin finger print area?

Schedule a visit. You need to set up an office visit with your doctor. There are too many possibilities that need to be excluded. I would not be surprised if lab work is indicated. Read more...
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