Localized continuous erythema, friability, & congestion of the mucosa with no bleeding in Antrum. Compatible with non-erosive gastritis? Biopsy done!

H PYLORI? I would recommend getting copies of your reports and making sure they did biopsies for h pylori. Also blood work for hpylori ig G and IG m and still for HPYLORI x 3 samples And blood work for celiac disease. You may benefit from a ppi like protonix (pantoprazole). And a gluten free diet. WholeApproach.com. Gutbliss.com Also probiotics . Follow up with GI doc To go over treatment options.
Gastritis. It will respond to medication which your gastroenterologist will prescribe.

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I got a egd today and waiting on the biopsy results. What does congestion in the stomach body and antrum compatible with gastritis? & normal mucosa?

Patchy inflammation. Congestion is synonymous with hyperemia, which literally means redness. Based on the your description of the endoscopic appearance of your stomach lining it sounds like you have a patchy mild inflammation there. Biopsies will tell more, and may help point to cause of said inflammation (e.g. H.Pylori, nsaid, etc.). Read more...