Need toothache pain relief pain killers aren't working in a lot of pain missed worked?

Not DIY. face it, the only one that can help you is a Dentist. You are trying to treat a virulent infection with a pain killer. Stop looking for a miracle and make appointment with Dentist now.
Stop aspirin. Stop the medications with aspirin or ibuprofen or aleve (naproxen) since this may cause more bruising and bleeding prior to your dental appointment. Always get dental care when it is severe enough to miss work.
Seek immediate care. See your dentist immediately. Need to determine the problem and treat appropriately.
Need to see dentist. and have the problem taken care of to relieve the pain.
Visit a dentist ASAP. Any other treatment is a temporary relief. A tooth pain won't go away without treatment and the infection may spread to your jaw, cheeks, sinus and to other areas of your head and neck. Visit a dentist ASAP for definitive diagnosis and treatment.
800 mg IBU. 800 mg or 4 x 200 mg Advil (ibuprofen) I have found is the most effective form of pain relief if no antibiotics and pain Neds are available. Be sure to take 3 tabs with food every 8 hours.
See dentist ASAP. Will not get better on its own.