Which type of vitamins are good for a teenage girl to take?

Vitamin D, Multivit. Everyone in the us (unless in deep south) needs to take vit d in fall & winter months- adult dose is 5000 iu/day-& take in spring/summer if not getting mid-day sun without sunscreen. Vitamins are no substitute for a healthy diet but the majority of americans are deficient in calcium, magnesium, chromium, vit. A, e & chromium. A good mulitvit with iron provides insurance; a prenatal is appropriate!
Calcium/iron maybe. There's nothing in supplements that can't be found far more cheaply and safely in real food, regular exercise, enough sleep, and enough water. Spend your money on well-fitted athletic shoes, a good mattress and lean meat, colorful vegetables and fruit. Teen girls often don't get enough calcium and iron. If you think she's deficient here, talk to her doctor.