CBC, CMP, Lipase, amylase, and u/s nml- A1C boarder line- BMI-32, pain upper right abdomen, what else could this be? 31 yrs old. Scared to death..

Not to be scared. The right upper quadrant is often the site for gallbladder problems. Sometimes the gallbladder can cause problems without gallstones. You need to talk to your physician about seeing a guess urologist to help. Remember there are muscles ribs Cartlidge and other structures there along with the intestine All of which need to be evaluate.
Gallbladder. So the good news is that all your tests thus far are normal, aside from borderline A1c, which means pre-diabetes. Despite normal ultrasound (presumably of abdomen), your gallbladder might still be malfunctioning so you should ask for HIDA scan (http://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/hida-scan/basics/definition/prc-20015028). I'm sure that's what your doc has in mind next.

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What could cause pain in upper middle abdomen? CBC nml, cmp nml, lipase amylase, and abdominal u/s nml. Scared of cancer or lymphoma. 31 years old.

Need further testing. Ultrasound is not always a very reliable test for abdominal pain. It may not show problems such as an Ulcer of the stomach which can cause this type of belly pain. If your pain does not go away with simple measures, you need to ask your doctor to send you to a specialist(gastroenterologist) who may need to do EGD(Endoscopy) and or other tests to resolve this problem. Read more...
Many possibilities. You could have ulcer disease, acid reflux, hernia, gallbladder inflammation or stones, gastritis, or gastroenteritis, and so on. Is your pain acute or chronic, any triggers, etc? Lipase neg makes pancreatitis unlikely. US neg makes gall stones less likely. CMP nl means normal liver function and bilirubin. See your doctor or GI. Cancers usually not common in your age group. . Read more...

EGD, CBC, CMP, HIDA, lipase and amalyse, lipid panel, and A1C all normal. Dull pain URQ and middle abdomen. No other symptoms. Chance of cancer?

Unlikely.. But, you should speak with your primary. If this is ongoing, than there are certainly more imaging tests. An ultrasound could be done and is cheap painless with no radiation. If that doesn't show anything and the pain continues a CT may be useful. Read more...
Need report Of EF .
HIDA scans with Ejection Fraction can help diagnose the following:

HIDA w//Ejection Fraction would help Diagnose:
-cholecystitis or inflammation of the gallbladder
-complications of operations, such as bile leaks or fistulas
-obstruction of the bile duct.
If EF was done which would Have helped Dx of Biliary Dyskinesia accounting for dull URQ abd. pain in this patient. Read more...

CBC, CMP, lipase, amylase, &abdominal u/s all normal, pain in upper abdomen. What else could this be? Having endoscopy in 2 weeks. Scared

Upper abdominal pain. There are a variety of reasons why you could have pain in this area. I would need a much more detailed history in order to render an opinion. With the studies you had being normal it is unlikely that you have a serious problem, but further evaluation may be necessary. Read more...