I've had flu like symptoms now for 3 days but when they started. I noticed that my left breast was red and hard and sensitive to the touch?

R/O CELLULITIS. Cellulitis is a superficial skin infection that can be caused after an abrasion or rupture of a boil . Keep the area clean and apply topical antibiotics. Seek prompt evaluation for potential need of oral antibiotics/X-ray /labs. F/U with your doctor if symptoms persist or worsen, oral antibiotics may be needed.

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Period 19 dec for 6 days instead of 5 days. Sore breasts, and flu like symptoms, increasd appetite. Could I still be pregnant?

Not likely. If a period is normal to longer than usual, it is unlikely to go along with a pregnancy. If a woman is early pregnant any bleeding around the time of her period is usually lighter and shorter than usual. However if you are concerned you can check a pregnancy test to see what it shows. Read more...

My left breast near my armpit is sore to touch with lumps. No fever, redness or flu symptoms. Is it mastitis? I breastfeed

Mastitis. It could be mastitis. I would continue breastfeeding and seek evaluation with a physician. If it is an early mastitis, antibiotics will likely be needed. Read more...