Can cough cause throat chest feel rAw n burning n cause u to cough more n what can I do can't stop coughing cause throst I think?

Respiratory infectio. Sound like you may have infection in the respiratory tract, you need physical exam and medicines could be used to make you feel better. See your doctor.
Cough. Most episodes of cough are caused by a mild viral infection that typically resolves in 3-5 days. If cough symptom becomes uncomfortable you can use simple over-the-counter cough medications, and remember to drink plenty of fluids to stay well hydrated. You should see a doctor if you start to get shortness of breath, persistent fever, or worsening symptoms, or if cough lasts longer than a week.
Cough. I would try taking an over-the-counter cough expectorant with a depressant you can ask the pharmacist for one and that should help.