How to cure erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction. First you must know the causes such as low testosterone, illnesses that reduced blood flow to the erectile tissue such diabetes, occlusive vascular disease, taking certain medications like ssri, beta blockers, the presence of mood and/or anxiety disorders and even how emotionally connected you are with your partner. After medical evaluation medications such as levitra, (vardenafil) Cialis or viagra.
Not an easy answer. Erectile dysfunction can have many causes. Many of our treatments address the symptom and not the cause. As i tell my patients "the penis is the barameter of the health of the vascular system" unfortunately many health care providers(hcp) do not make that connection. You shoul consult a hcp that sepecializes in andrology.

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How can I cure my erectile dysfunction?

See your doctor. There are many causes for ED but at a young age of 29, one must consider psychological factors as well. Check with your doctor. Read more...