Have Crohn's and just diagnosed with peptic ulcer from endoscopy from NSAID. Been there for 3 weeks how fast does it heal? What can I do to help?

4 to 6 weeks. . Peptic ulcer disease is fairly common and with treatment it tends to stay at bay for long period of time. NSAID group is notoriously famous in casing gastritis and other similar peptic problems. Taking medicines for 4 weeks usually gives the stomach ulcers time to heal and be able to withstand the usual acid attack in the stomach. We need to avoid spices, alcohol and NSAID. Also see mD regular.

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I have crohn's and have been dealing w/ a peptic ulcer. I have nausea 3 days, headaches 3 days, and have had 8 soft but formed stools today. Concerned?

With Crohn's... ...any change in your "norm" (nausea, increased stool frequency" is a concern, because it may signal a flare. Are you sure your ulcer was/is not an upper GI manifestations of Crohn's? Please contact your GI doctor who knows you best for his advice at this time. Read more...