Hi there, my forth toe is swollon, with a greyish looking lump on the side of the toe nail, I just popped it and a creamy brownish puss came out of it?

Paronychia. A paronychia is an infection that develops along the edge of the fingernail or toenail. This is most often caused by common skin bacteria that has entered the skin around the nail. This condition requires incision, drainage and antibiotics.
Infection. You have an infection. You may need antibiotics or further treatment. There may be a piece of foreign matter in your toe causing the infection, too,that needs to be removed. See a doc today or tomorrow. Soak foot in warm water for 30 minutes at least 4 times a day and put bacitracin ointment and a bandage on the toe for now. You can take ibuprofen for the pain. If worse, fever,etc. to ER.
Cellulitis. You never know how these things go. By popping it, you have accomplished what is known as pressure incision and drainage. You need to manually squeeze out as much pus as possible. Follow up the treatment with a soap and water scrub as well as extensive soaking. The idea is to reduce the bacterial colony as much as possible. Repeat this daily and apply a topical. If no improvement, to the doctor.