What are the advantages & disadvantages of self ligating braces?

Pros and Cons. self lighting braces eliminate the need for separate elastomeric ties (safety ties) and the time it takes to put them on and take them off. This means shorter time in the chair for you. The latching mechanism makes the brackets a bit thicker so there is a bit more for you to get used to. All modern orthodontic brackets can produce excellent results. Good luck.
Gadget trap. Don't fall into the gadget trap. What's infinitely more important than the hardware is the training and experience of the practitioner. Bottom line, the choice of appliance should be based on your individual need, not claims made by the manufacturer. see a fully qualified Orthodontic Specialist to discuss the best treatment options to resolve your individual malocclusion.
Self Ligating Braces. The advantage/disadvantage is based on the orthodontist who uses them. Self ligating brackets do not tie in the wire as tightly as braces requiring elastic/metal ties. They are faster for appointment times. One cannot normally get color ties on the self ligating brackets. Due to cost, they be more expensive, especially if they break and need replacement.
Varied. you will hear a lot of marketing BS from docs who use these brackets. Not supported by the clinical evidence. Studies show they are faster in the first 1/2 of treatment, but slower in making final touches-- net/net clinically about the same time to treat. We don't use them as they have a tendency to flair teeth out to achieve a fuller smile-- a look that we don't think is best.
Worth considering. This system has significant advantages over other traditional metal bracket. Reduced treatment time with superb aesthetics. The only disadvantage price. Consult with your orthodontist to determine whether "self ligating braces" are a good option for you.