If I have a 40% blocked artery in my heart in 9/13 & I'm still a smoker & obese what would the blockage be today? Besides quittin what else can I do?

No way to know. without another cath. Start by walking at least 20 minutes a day ever day. Switch to a diet of mostly plant based proteins. Avoid ALL refined sugars and processed starchy foods. Avoid all carbonated beverages and sports drinks. Your goal is to eat an anti-inflammatory diet. Get your weight down to a normal BMI. The blockages result from highly inflamed arteries that your body is trying to seal off.
Prevention is key. Since you already have known disease, prevention is key. Weight loss through dietary changes, exercise. Have a controlled blood pressure and cholesterol panel. Have you had a recent cardiac stress test? If you are diabetic make sure your A1c is also below 7%. It's hard to predict what your coronary artery blockage is today if none of these factors have been controlled.
Talk to your doctor . You have to quit smoking! Start an exercise program and a diet under your doctor's supervision. Get your cholesterol checked. There are several things you can do to help reverse this. You may want to ask your doctor about taking a baby aspirin. You may need a cholesterol lowering drug. Keep your blood pressure under control. Minitor your bood sugar. Stop smoking is a must!