Throid nodules. Upper right lobe hot, lower right lobe cold 3.4cm. Does that mean I have hyper and hypo thyriodism at the same time?

No, the activity. of individual nodules on a thyroid scan may not, in and of themselves, imply hyper or hypothyroidism, which are diagnoses based on systemic symptoms and blood levels. Certainly, however, an autonomous hot nodule could result in hyperthyroidism. Cold nodules have a higher chance of malignancy(although still relatively low), and biopsy may be indicated.
No. the only way to know is to check your blood test. the hot nodule is probably causing you to be hyperthyroid but only labs can tell you that. You will need to see your doc to biopsy the cold nodule. It's has a higher risk of cancer if it's cold. Keep in mind most cold nodules are still benign but in your case, it should be biopsied since it's a large, cold nodule.