Me and my 5 year old daughters eye lids are always swollen and our eyes itch a lot is this allergies?

Might be allergy. Could be couple of things: allergic conjunctivitis (eg. Pollen), contact dermatitis(allergy to something you're touching--pets, new detergent, etc), viral conjunctivitis (pink eye), and dry eyes. Its tough to figure out even after examining a patient, even tougher without actually seeing the patient. ;-).
Allergy eyes. Allergies affect the eyes by causing itching, redness, watery eyes, even swollen lids. Talk to your physician. In most cases this can be controlled with a single or combation treatment that includes over counter allergy pills, prescription nasal spray, over counter drops such as zaditor (ketotifen) or allaway or prescription drops such as Bromday or pataday. I discourage steroid use.