Is it safe to take bacopa with Molipaxin, Lamictin & Brintellex? Desperate for non-prescription anxiolytic that works

Non-prescriptionAlso. means non researched, lack of clinical trials of either efficacy or safety. Pharma industry=simply the modern form of Chinese herbs, but refining & purifying the millions of molecules from whatever source in nature to fine the rare ones which help some aspect of behavior far more than the downsides they produce. Just because something wanted does not mean it exists. See:

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Is it safe to take bacopa with Molipaxin, Lamictin and Brintellix? Desperate for a non-prescription anxiolytic that works. V. desperate!

No research yet. The plant Bacopa monnieri is widely use in India for the treatment of asthma, and anxiety. There is no research or evidence of its efficacy. You are taking 3 meds for mood disorder and insomnia. Vortiozetine might be for depression, lamotrigen to augment that effect and Trazodone for insomnia. Other natural product for anxiety and insomnia is called Valerian, but again, there is no evidence. Read more...