My dr confirmed I miscarried based a blood test, I have the paper work but I don't understand how he knows, it doesn't show my hcg levels?

See below. Ms. Kathryn 440: You have two related questions. It would be better to talk to your doctor for explanation. Blood HCG needs to be higher than 25 to diagnose pregnancy. It is not clear how a urine pregnancy test told you that you are 2-3 weeks pregnant. You may repeat the urine pregnancy test, be sure to follow the instructions for the test carefully. Better would be to see your doctor for a repeat blood test and if needed an ultrasound examination.

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I have a blood test tomorrow and was wondering if it will detect hcg levels. After a Miscarriage on Wednesday. The request is not for HCG?

Serial HCG. Pregnancy hormone concentrations double over a 48 h time period in a viable pregnancy or by the same token cut in half, if there was a miscarriage. If a doctor after a miscarrige is not sure, whether all pregnancy hormone producing tissue was aborted, serial hcg test can help determine that. Read more...

I had an early miscarriage on July 29th however the nausea I had felt from beginning of pregnancy has continued and gotten more intense. My OB/GYN took blood test for hcg levels and they went all the way down by 2 weeks after. What could be causing the co

HCG isn't the only. cause of nausea during pregnancy. High estrogen levels and other unknown factors may contribute to it. You don't mention if you've started having periods again. If all your hormones are back to pre-pregnancy levels and your periods have returned to normal, perhaps its time to look for another cause. I wish you the best. Dr. Anne. Read more...