I am scheduled to get braces in two weeks but I still have a baby tooth. Are they going to pull it out?

Primary tooth. They will likely coordinate with your dentist to get that tooth out of the way. It's not helping you and only gets in the way of getting your teeth straight. Extraction of a baby tooth is very easy, so don't worry about it. Think of it as a step to getting the beautiful straight smile that you want .
Orthodontist or GP. If you are going to have the braces put on at an orthodontist then most of the time them are not the people that will pull the tooth. Some General dentist put on braces also and they could take the tooth out.
Both. Typically the two work in conjunction with each other-- we have dentists pull teeth while we do braces (each does what they are trained for)
Mutual Decision. Every patient is unique case and the decision whether or not to have primary teeth removed before braces is one that you and your orthodontist/dentist will have to make together. Hope it helps.