I'm getting my wisdom teeth extraxted tomorrow (surgery). I am really scared because they are going to put me to sleep. How will I feel after?

Wisdom teeth. You will be tired and groggy. Plan to do nothing for the rest of the day but sleep. Make sure to follow all post operative instructions and to take all mess as prescribed. Otherwise you will be fine and bounce back well. .
You will be safe . The sedation for the removal of wisdom teeth is much lighter and safer than deep sedation in the hospital. It is called conscious sedation given intravenously or vein in arm. It makes you relaxed. They will numb you also. No pain. Afterwards you will be groggy for most of day. Rest. Take it easy for the next two days even though you are feeling better. Good luck. Most adults have lived through it.
After sedation. You may feel completely normal. However, you will most likely feel a little sleepy, or groggy. For these reasons, I'm sure they recommended that someone else drive you home from the procedure. Best of health to you!