Red rash symetrical on arms and top of legs. No lumps or itchiness.

Rash. We would need to see the rash to help diagnose it. Suggest a visit with your doctor or virtual consultation.

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I have an itchy red rash on my lower arms and lower legs?

Eczema. Sounds like eczema. Otc cortisone cream can help. Prescription cortisone from your doctor would be better. Heavy moisture with creams, not lotions will help keep it away. Read more...

I have had severe upper rhespiratory problems due to allergies for the past few days but today they re better but now after taking a Claritin and a hot shower I have a blotchy red rash on my arms and legs it s not itchy but I m wondering what the cause mi

Viral? Allergic? Blotchy appearing reddish rashes can occur when the blood flow in the tiny vessels at the skin's surface change, such as in an allergic rash, a viral rash, or in reaction to changes in skin temperature. Viral infections that cause cold symptoms and other symptoms can sometimes cause such skin patterns (fifth disease, caused by a virus, can cause reddish patterns). A doctor can evaluate if needed. Read more...