What does all this mean? C2-3 small disk osteophyte complex with ventral thecal sac deformity. C4-5 disk osteophyte complex with ventral cord flattening. C 5-6 Facet arthropathy and uncovertebral hypertrophy is severe right neural foraminal stenosis. Face

Degenerative. Basically refers to degenerative (aging) changes of the spine. Disk/osteophyte refers to bone spur and/or disc protrusion, and facet/uncovertebral hypertrophy refers to arthritis of the joints at the back part (facets) and sides (uncovertebral) of the vertebrae. Ventral thecal sac deformity and ventral cord flattening refer to slight pressure on the spinal cord. Stenosis refers to pinched nerve.
May not have- -enough room. TheC2-3 complex means these is some arthritic spurring with a protruding disk that indents the dural (thecal) sac being indented some, common finding in your age group. C4-5 is the same but is more pronounced so it protrudes enough to flatten the spinal cord.C5-6=arthritic facet joints @this level & severe enough to narrow the canal the nerves exit from. Could B cause of pain R arm.