Every so often my hands break out in itchy bumps that turn into blisters and leak. What could this be?

Contact or irritant. Both contact allergens and irritants (soap, cleanser etc) can cause this type of skin problem. If you wash your hands too often, you may irritate the skin as well. Try avoiding using scented or antibacterial soap. Apply hand lotion after washing hands. Avoid irritants (wear non-latex gloves when washing). Topical hydrocortisone cream may help. See dermatologist if problem persists.

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I have really itchy bumps kind like bug bites that pop up occasionaly but blisters on my hands they go away & either come bak or leave a rlly dry spot?

?eczema. If it is a chronic skin condition on your hands with itchy, red dry areas then i would think eczema is a strong possibility. See my web site www.kleinallergy.com and click "allergies and asthma" so access info on eczema. A link is provided below. http://kleinallergy.com/allergies.html#6. Read more...

My father aged 50 is getting itchy bumps like mosquito bite on his solders and hands?

OK. Maybe they are mosquito bites or some sort of insect bites, etc. He can try treating them topically from meds he can get at the pharmacy for itching bites, and if they persist, then have him see the Dr. for an evaluation of the rash. Good luck. Read more...