Is cloudy urine always a sign of infection?

Certainly not. Can be due to so called "amorphous debris" which is innocent sediment often found in alkaline urine. Chyluria can also cause a milky cloudy urine. Chyle is a substance comprising lymph plus fatty material. Can occur during pregnancy and number of other medical conditions permitting lymph to leak into the urine. Utis are usually symptomatic, but, not always.
Possible infection. Cloudy urine can be caused by an infection, kidney damage, protein in the urine, and sediment from a stone. See your doctor for confirmation and possible treatment.
For gals. Cloudy urine can also be caused by vaginal discharge. Lots of things to talk with your doc about!

Related Questions

Is cloudy urine like urine infections or anything like that?

Perhaps. Cloudy urine can be an indication of a uti. In fact, it usually is. However, cloudy urine can be caused by kidney disorders as well. Getting a urinalysis (testing the urine) is the first step regardless of the cause. Read more...

What does occasional cloudy urine mean? Itchiness that comes with it. Could I possibly have a minor urinary tract infection?

Possibly. Urinary tract infections don't tend to be "occasional." they tend to have a start and an end. You should definitely have a urine test to see what is there especially at the time of symptoms. Read more...

Have a vaginal infection. Occasion burning at end of urinating, cloudy urine a few times once mild discomfort above pubic bone. All due to vaginal prob?

Related, not due to. Vaginal infection sometimes comes with infection of the surrounding area e.g. Urethral or bladder infection. This happens frequently in std and yeast infection. Your family doc can treat that for you, if you haven't already seen him/her. Read more...