Dangerous to exercise with a high resting heart rate of 155+ all responses greatly appreciated thanks! Also I am already seeing a cardio and have med

? Bonnie, it's hard for me to imagine that your cardio has not treated your resting heart rate of 155+. This is damaging to your heart whether you exercise or not. Moreover, if your resting heart rate is near its maximum, you're not going to get very far with your exercise.

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Is a potassium level of 3.0 deadly and can it cause 155+ resting heart rate? I can not take supplement due to taking med that couteracts. Thanks!

Get evaluated ASAP. Low potassium levels, or hypokalemia, can cause potential heart arrhythmias (uneven rhythms) and high heart rates. Also, muscle cramping and weakness. First issue is to get evaluated emergently if your heart rate is really that high as you may need to get potassium corrected other potential interventions. In long run, talk to your doctor about adjusting medications/close follow-up of potassiums. Read more...

Can I be overtraining myself if I don't eat enough but do heavy cardio everyday? Thus causing an elevated resting heart rate?

Overtraining. Daily intensive cardiovascular exercise without adequate nutrition would certainly fall into the realm of overtraining. Eating sufficient healthy food is critical in allowing the body the building blocks needed to recover from the stress that exercise places on it. . Read more...