Severe SOB, chestpain, sudden paralaysis in legs/arms, high/weak heartrate, bloating, barrel chest, nail clubbing. Normal spirometry, ecg, echo.

Severe SOB. and chest pain are very serious symptoms. Basic in diagnoisi is doing a Chest X ray, Oxygen Sat. and Blood tests and CT scan of the chest (if xray is equivocal or negative). Since the ECG and Echo are normnal, I think we are faced with a Respiratory disorder. Please see a pulmonologist.

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Extreme SOB, chestpain, fatigue, tachycardia, mild nailclubbing, weak arms/legs. Ok ecg/echo, spirometry, d dimer. Drs dont want to do chest xray. Help?

Clubbing . I am puzzled why your MD doesn't want to do a CXR ? You mentioned clubbing, do members of the family have same ? If not then clubbing is usually a indication most commonly of lung diseases. Your weakness is not explained. Do you feel better in morning and worse as the day wears on and do you have trouble combing your hairs. Your issues need for you to see a lung doc and get their input. . Read more...

SOB, chestpain, tachycardia, weak pulse, swollen abdomen/legs, blue nails, fatigue. Ok ecg's, echo (taken before swelling), chest xray, d-dimer.

Mgt. You should be evaluated right away by a Cardiologist. Your symptoms may be related to a cardiac condition. I would advise having your BP checked on both sides, standing and lying down. Your pulse oximetry will be checked at the same time. Your symptoms may be related to a number of conditions, but cardiac conditions must be ruled out. Read more...