How does the nervous system maintain homeostasis?

Complex physiology. Nervous system gets information from plenty of sources including specialized chemorecptors. These inputs lead to adjustments based upon any discrepancy and nervous system through hormones regulates the blood chemistry.

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What happens to the body's nervous system if homeostasis is not maintained?

Depends. There are many systems in the body that need to be regulated. For instance, if blood pressure goes too high you can stroke; if there is too much cholesterol, you can stroke or get nerve damage. If the immune system is not under control, the brain and nerves can be damaged. If you have vitamin deficiencies or excess, the nerves and the brain could be damaged, etc. Read more...

What are the nervous system and endocrine system specialized to do to maintain homeostasis?

Thats a big question. That's a big question that people dedicate their lives to study and find out. All the systems are important in "homeostasis". Narrowing which "homostasis" to a single function or a specific organ may allow a more specific explanation; but still lots and lots of effects. Read more...