Hello, My dad has been diagnosed for "Encephalitis". Doctors are not clearly able to find root cause. All tests (EEG, MRI, Blood Test etc) came clear. A lumber puncture test revealed high protein in?

Data. It is difficult to evaluate encephalitis in any forum, notwithstanding one such as HealthTap. Obtaining further consultation with an infectious disease consultant would be prudent as well, particularly given a high protein in spinal fluid (understanding the other findings from the LP would also help).
Comments. There is always a cause for encephalitis, but answer may be elusive. A spinal fluid PCR study may pin down a viral culprit, and would be of value to test for anti-NMDA mechanism. An infectious disease specialist should be part of team. The elevated spinal fluid protein is consistent. A family conference with the doctors should help.
Need more informatio. Need more information. There are many disorders that present with mental status changes and elevated CSF protein. Encephalitis is an inflamation of the brain. Ask the doctor what more tests are to be done. If all fail, there may be a place for a brain biopsy.

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