How do you treat esophageal cancer in a 21 year old?

Aggressively. Treatment depends upon stage and often includes multi-modality therapy (chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery). The therapies and the surgery can be challenging and therefore decisions need to incorporate the patient's preferences and their ability to tolerate the various treatments. In a 21 yo who is otherwise healthy, it seem reasonable to be aggressive with treatment.
Choices. Depends on location, extent, stage and associated illnesses. If complete surgical resection is possible, that is best! sometimes preop radiation is used. If not operable, oncologists will do their best with chemo and radiation.

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What are the chances of a 21 year old heavy drinker, and smoker having/developing esophageal cancer.?

High, if you continu. Cancer of the mouth, throat and esophagus is very common among folks who smoke and also drink. You are basically adding two potent poisons and committing a slow suicide. It is still time to save yourself if you can taper off over a few months and then STOP them both completely in . Read more...

A 21 year old with a history of alcohol and smoking abuse. What are the chances of developing esophageal cancer at this age?

Not yet. Chances are slim for this age group. Later in life chances of this cancer and many other cancers starts to escalate. There is never a better time to quit than now! Read more...

21 years old. Everyday alcohol, ciggerete abuse for nearly 7 years. Severe acid reflux for 2 years. Could I have already developed esophageal cancer?

Need for evaluation. It is unlikely that you have esophageal cancer, but you may have ulcerations in your esophagus. Have you quit alcohol and tobacco? How much do you weigh? if you are overweight, that would make reflux worse, It would be prudent for you to consult a GI doctor for esophagitis and advice about nutrition. Read more...