M have pain in the left side of my neck shoulder an shoulder blade an around my collar bone an top part of my ribs?

Decisions Decisions. How's your breathing?Feel short of breath or can't get in enough air? If so,then you should go to an Urgent Care for an exam.If not, and it hurts more to move your neck or shoulder, then you probably have a kink in your neck or a muscle strain or good ol' muscle tension from stress or over-work/over-exertion.Balls in your court now.Decide on Motrin, heat and massage or a trip to your friendly U.C.

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I have a tingling burning in my left shoulder blade and when I press the back of my neck under my skull I get a sharp pain in my collar bone?

Cervical pathology. This seems to be coming from your neck. There are different possibilities as to what could be causing it but disc bulges compressing nerve and/or facet joint are two poss. The referred pain noticed on palpation of neck could be nyofascial in nature. Read more...

Left shoulder blade pain/feeling of swelling down arm weakness/pain travels to rib cage, collar bone and in shoulder socket. Right handed/ no injury?

Get evaluated. Although it would be rare for someone of your age to have heart trouble, shoulder pain is often seen with ischemia of the heart. Also, patients with injury to the spleen can have left shoulder pain. See you doctor and get it checked out. Read more...