What are the causes of neck pain and difficulty in swallowing?

DISH. Exaggerated bone spurs on the front of the spine may do this. Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis, if you're a googler. Unlikely if you're 35. I would treat these as two separate problems. See an ENT for swallowing issue. Try pt, nsaids, etc for neck. Obtain doctor's eval if not improving.

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What causes ear, jaw, neck pain with soreness, swelling and difficulty swallowing all on the left side.

Complex . The head and neck is exquisitely intricate. Could be anything from an ear or upper respiratory infection to TMJ syndrome to cancer in a smoker. Could be a dental problem too. If worsening need an ENT doc to examine you, especially if a smoker. Motrin can help relieve symptoms. But if worse after the drug wears off need to see a doc. . Read more...