Have back pain still 7 months after gall bladder surgury...why?

Good question! If the back pain started with your surgery, that's a good question, and one to ask your doctor. If you had the pain before the surgery, the pain probably wasn't caused by your gallbladder. So your doctor needs to investigate other causes for the pain.
Not related . Back pain probably unrelated to gall bladder surgery. Consider ultrasound of upper abdomen to rule out collection of fluid around the surgery area. Also xray of spine for back pain. Good luck.

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I am two weeks post-op from a gall bladder removal surgery. The surgical pain is gone and now I have gotten terrible back pain. What's wrong?

See your surgeon. back pain after gallbladder surgery make us worry about the pancreas,could be a simple problem from sleeping more and laying on the bad mattress more than usual,but i will check with my surgeon,let them know about how you feel,if you are my patient ,i want to know. Read more...