My cholesterol is 250 is that bad?

Maybe. The level of your cholesterol has to be taken in context with many other factors. What is your family history of male or female early coronary artery disease. Do you smoke, do you have diabetes or hypertension or other cardiovascular disease? What is the level of your LDL and HDL cholesterol? Do you drink too much? Are you overweight? There are many factor to take into consideration to say.
Maybe. Total chol=hdl+ldl+tg/5. Don't look at the total cholesterol but rather at the individual components. Aim for an HDL of > 50 for a woman, > 45 for a man; an LDL < 100, or < 70 if one has diabetes, heart disease, or is of east indian descent; a triglyceride <150 or better yet < 130; and a total cholesterol divided by HDL ratio of < or = 3.0.
It is above the norm. But one number without any further information about your medical history, your age, risk factors, etc will not allow a doctor to make any further comments.
Unknown. Your total cholesterol is irrelevant. It is a measure that combines several numbers including your HDL (good) and LDL (bad) cholesterol. Ask your doc to order an apob also known as a particle count. This is a much better predictor of cardiovascular disease.
No. Total choleterol number is not as important as a balance or "ratio" between "bad" and "good" choleterol. Iif hdl(good choleterol) is elevated it may show as total hight as well, yet riks for heart disease may be low. Discuss with your physician your lipid panel as well as other so call risks for coronary arthery diesease and other related diorders.