Paternal grandfather had breast cancer in his 70s. no other immediate family history. I'm a 30 y/o woman, am I at greater risk? When to get 1st mammo?

Not greater risk. Unless familial history with BRACA gene, 95% of breast cancers are environmentally related, usually with virus exposure to the MMTV virus. At age 30 physical breast exam monthly most important. Mammo not good choice since breast tissue at your age sensitive to RT and too dense to reveal most lesions. One mammo at 35 and if normal next ones begin yearly starting at age 40.

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I'm 36 with no family history of breast cancer. I've been having pain and pressure in my right breast (feel no lump) mainly, should I get a mammo?

You must consult. your primary care doctor for guidance. You need an examination. And discussion of the possibilities, it can be something benign like fibrocystic breast changes, but whether you need work up, and what type of work up you need -- be it ultrasound at your age, versus mammography will be discussed and the best medical advice will be rendered by your doctor. Good luck. Read more...