Can muscular pain appear suddenly & last for months? Pain in left scapula & mid back along with tingling in arm. Intense lab work, cxr, endoscopy, EMG, head and neck MRI. ALL negative. I am desperate

MRI with gadolinium. I'd consider MRI with gadolinium contrast of brain, cervical, & thoracic cords. I'm not convinced the pain is muscular based on the information. Doesn't sound like there's testing or examination data of spasms or muscle enzyme elevations, etc. Pain may be coming from the spinal cord or brain. Si gustas una consulta privada: Key Code: PDXFNR A sus ordenes.
Scapula, Back, Arm. Hello. Do you notice pain when you extend or rotate your head to the side? What about when you arch your back or rotate from side to side? If yes, then you could have irritation to your facet joints. Irritation to these spinal structures will be negative on EMG and MRI. Any Physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture treatment? Topical Flexeril, (cyclobenzaprine hcl) diclofenac +/- lidocaine mix could be useful.