I have a small white soar on my tongue that I got after getting chewing tobaco on it. I have only used it 5-10 times in 6th months. Odds of cancer?

Quit tobacco. No good ever came from using tobacco. Quit using it. If the sore on the tongue does not heal in a couple of weeks, see a doctor. It is not likely to be cancer. I repeat, quit using tobacco and abstain from alcohol.
Unlikely. Cancer of the tongue can be a potential development in chronic users of tobacco products. But you have not used it long enough(>one year) to develop it. So I would advise you to quit tobacco chewing...no more of that nasty stuff in your mouth!!. If this ulcer/sore gets bigger and refuses to heal in the next 3-4 weeks, you should go see a doctor(family doctor or your dentist can check it out ).
Not cancer. malignant lesions on the tongue appear on the lateral side only as of the anterior 2/3. Lesions on the tongue surface are all inflammatory. If a taste bud gets inflamed it produces a white small sore. Taking even a known carcinogen for 6 months can not cause cancer. It would take several years and tobacco contact is not exposure to a carcinogen.