I've had this problem for 5 days with abdominal pain, diarrhea some, gas, and bloating. Do I go to ER or wait to see my family doctor?

Symptoms are not ER. -worthy, unless your diarrhea is resulting in dehydration. Are your mouth and lips dry? Are you peeing less? Do you feel your heart racing? If not, you're less likely to be dehydrated. 5 days of diarrhea, pain, gas, and bloating sounds like a problem your family doctor should be able to take care of.
See Family Doc. The symptoms you are describing do not sound like an emergency and can be evaluated by your family doctor.
R/O GASTROENTERITIS. R/O gastroenteritis with severity of symptoms you are very dehydrated, please seek ER eval.. If symptoms persist you need to be examined and have labs checked and stool for H pylori the ulcer causing bacteria. Given your age a CT Scan may be needed to R/O appendicitis/diverticulitis. Lastly an endoscopy and colonoscopy if symptoms persist.
Family doctor. Nothing you described is life threatening. I think your interests would be better served by seeing you family doctor. If you develop fever or the abdominal pain is severe or centered in the right side, lower abdomen, you should go to the ER.