How addictive is Phentermine and is it safe for me to take Metformin while taking it?

Not very. Although we are seeing a microepidemic locally on amphetamines. It doesn't have serious withdrawal. It is abused; coming off of it people get the blah's. Most people who are prescribed it don't even take as much as they are prescribed rather than overuse it. It is often used in overweight people so, it is often used with metformin. They do not have a direct interaction but watch sugars a bit.
Safe. Patients on phetermine do not develop addiction even after prolonged used as shown in studies. My experince most patients who combine phetermine with life style modification actual see a decrease in their blood pressure. Common concern will be, dehydration constipation, initial jitteriness that wears away after a few days, insomnia . Hence take early in the morning, increase fiber increase water.
Phentermine. Is a controlled substance and mildly addicting. Metformin is often added to help lose weight, and it can help with this!
Fastin (phentermine) I would not recommended, due to increase effects on Cardiovascular system, more anxiety & mood changes, severe headaches & blood pressure changes, impotence & changes in libido. Addiction is very likely with continued use.

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Is it safe to take metformin and phentermine even though I don't have diabetes but I do have pcos and morbid obese?

PCOS . Phentermine and meteor in do not interact. In fact, the combination can be quite helpful as the Insulin resistance found in pcos can provide a frustrating barrier for weight loss. Read more...
Can be safe ... Metformin is can be used in cases of PCOS, particularly when overweight and some form of abnormal glucose metabolism is present. It has some side effects, mostly gastrointestinal but overall is well tolerated. Phentermine has more side effects, including elevated heart rate, elevated blood pressure, tremors, palpitations and anxiety, but is helpful(for some) in the short term for weight loss. Read more...