In one of my testicals I have extra "stuff." if feels like what I would think intstines would feel like. Is that normal?

Normal? Problem? You are describing a couple of things. One, you could have intestines in your scrotum. It is called a hernia. Second, you could have a large collections of blood vessels (veins) called a vare-a-ko-seal (varicocoele). The hernia may come and go, get bigger or smaller, cause pain or not but will usually cause a lump in the groin as well. This should be seen by general surgeon or urologist.
Varicocele? Sounds like you may have a varicocele or dilation of veins supplying the testicle. More common on the left side, are generally described as "bag of worms". Something else to consider is a hernia. I would have your physician evaluate you and perform an exam.