10yrold burn & itch, no pain urinating. Vaginal swab mod gram+cocci. Many gram+bacilli, few neg gram bacilli, urine high leukocytes. Should I be concerned?

Here are some ... For a 10-y-o female, I would insist on obtaining another urinalysis from properly collected urine specimen if her history & physical exam by a pediatrician to confirm as one with a simple & clean history. Then treat and watch her as non-complicated UTI or fungal infection, etc. Otherwise, some imaging studies to further confirm nothing unusual in her genitourinary tract. So, see Doc timely.

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10yr old burn&itch vaginal/anal, no pain urinating. Vaginal swab=mod gram+cocci. Many gram+bacilli, few neg grm bacilli, isol flora. High leukocytes urine?

Local yeast infection. some time local yeast infection may cause anal and/or vaginal itching. Monistate local cream application may help. If there is high leukocyte count in urine, she needs a urine culture to make sure there is no urinary tract infection (UTI) Read more...