What diet pills can a fourteen year old buy?

At produce section. The best diet aid for you will be fruits and veggies- 5 servings/ day. Do that, get some exercise, and don't drink any calories and i guarantee you will lose weight without any dangerous pills or supplements.
Don't touch those. I was 14 once and remember how terrible my diet was when my parents weren't watching. Loved mountain dew and hot cheetos..And video games. Give up or limit those types of things, get some exercise and let your young metabolism do its job. I relied on growth spurts to bail me out...Eventually stopped working. Save yourself the trouble later and just do it right the first time.
None. Diet pills are not a good idea for a teenager or for that matter anyone. A basic understanding of nutrition is critical to good health. Not enough space here to address. However, i endorse the concepts developed by dr. Barry sears in his book the zone diet. More information can be found at www.Zonediet.Com. Read together as a family and you can improve your health as well!