Bone spur on top of foot andpsoriatic arthritis. Lots of foot swelling and pain. Is surgery suggested?

Foot pain . not really . See a podiatrist first . Perhaps a steroid injection and a trial of foot pads and good shoes may help your pain . Also as your psoriasis improves , your Arthritis will also improved . See a dermatologist to start on disease modifying agents . There are some drugs in pill form now . .
Pain foot spurts. not always. It depends on how much discomfort it is giving you. Sometimes ortho orthotics gives good relief . You should see an orthopedic doctor or a podiatrist. Also should be on anti inflammatory meds if you are not allergic.

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An 84 yr 86 lb female, lg kidney stones in both. Unable to walk due foot swelling &degen. Bone loss w/spurs in lower back. Is surgery an option.

Perhaps. The answer really depends on the overall health of the patient as well as the size and location of the stones, all of which determine what type of surgical procedure would be best for her specific case. Her treating physicians will consult with the urologist to decide if surgery is best for her. Read more...