Is it safe to drink water when you are fasting for a glucose blood test?

Yes. Water is fine before a blood glucose test, but don't eat any food or drink other liquids which might falsely elevate the glucose level in the blood.

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For two weeks I haven't felt hunger or thirst but I drink water and eat once a day anyway. My doctor does not know what it is. I took blood test today?

Watch this. Relax, Fred. This is fairly common and means nothing. You can reassure yourself about your physical health by going a day or so just drinking water; you'll get hungry. I suspect there's something going on in your life that may be making you sad; if you start having a sleep disturbance or sad moods, this may be dysthymia / depression for which early treatment's important. Read more...

Doc said I had ketonuria and in my blood test I had low potasium I eat normally and drink water so why is that? Doctor said I need urine test again

This is serious. Anyone can have +1 ketones in the urine from missing a meal, but more is worrisome. Please repeat. Low blood potassium reflects illness rather than habits or lifestyle. I am trusting you are not taking any medications that might cause this. A good history and phyiscal exam is next, and likely some checks of hormones and renal concentrating ability / tubular function. Read more...