Hi, I am confused. My chlamydia test show IgG positive but IgM negative. My partner is oposit, he is IgG negative but IgM positive! Do I have chronic chlamydia and gave it to him? Or he just get new infection and I didnt get it from him by some wonder?! P

Be careful. Interpret these tests with caution. Chlamydia (I'm assuming C trachomatis) can live within epithelial cells and thus masks itself from the immune system. If you were never treated, then I would suspect chronic carriage or reservoir state. Your husbands IgM indicates new antibody response and is consistent with recent contraction, possibly from you. Also maybe past exposure for you and unrelated.
No. It appears that you have protective antibody from Chlamydia from past exposure but do not have an active infection. Your partner has become newly infected. You may both need to be treated however if you have symptoms.